Welcome to the newest feature of The Wizard of Draws website. Here I will be posting an occasional PDF newsletter containing a collection of my hints, tips and techniques for drawing cartoons. If you have a question about my cartoons that you would like to see in the letters, please let me know. Any suggestions for improvement will also be welcomed. In the meantime, I hope you find them useful and enjoyable.

Getting Started 430 KB PDF
A short description of my work flow and how I start the creative process of drawing a cartoon.

Scanning 261KB PDF
Scanning a cartoon in preparation for turning it into vector art.

Creating Vectors 307KB PDF
Using Adobe Streamline for creating vector based (EPS) cartoons suitable for use with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Channels 307KB PDF
A quick overview of channels and their use in creating cartoons suitable for coloring in Photoshop.

Drawing Hands 430 KB PDF
Hints and tips on drawing cartoon hands.

Compound Paths 688 KB PDF
Knocking holes in Illustrator vector cartoon art with compound paths. Find out how to put a real hole in that cartoon donut!

Wacom Tablets 550 KB PDF
Are you thinking of getting a drawing tablet? Here are my thoughts that you might find helpful.

Making Selections in Photoshop 924 KB PDF
A tutorial I wrote quite some time ago for
Photoshop 4, but the basic techniques still work .

Coloring Cartoons with Photoshop 488 KB PDF
Coloring cartoons in Photoshop using layers and a technique for eliminating pixel "halos"

Coloring with Channels 256 KB PDF
Coloring cartoons in Photoshop using channels as a way of saving selections and time

Choosing Color 436 KB PDF
Choosing colors that will keep your cartoon light and bright

Making and Using Digital Zipatone 700 KB PDF
Creating old-style zipatone for shading cartoons

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