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OK, you've looked around a bit and seen what I can do, but you still aren't sure if I'm the right guy for your project. Perhaps you think I'm difficult to work with or you don't know if I can interpret your ideas. Fair enough.
Will you take the word of some of my clients?

Thanks again for creating such a great looking logo. I enjoyed working with you. I will be more than happy to recommend you and direct people to your website.
C. Akerman

Thanks! You do EXCELLENT work. If you ever need a recommendation, feel free to give out my name and rest assured that you will get a very positive review.
C. Bromley

Before closing, I want to admit, that I am really into the turtle, I really love it. Thanks a lot Jeff! Best wishes,
C. Schmidt

It is what I am looking for, I think it is awesome!
I can't wait to get it on a hat or shirt, In fact I will just order a few hats from you to get a jump start to show a few people! So plan on sending me four hats and a coffee cup too! Great Job, I have shown quite a few people, all really like the work you have done.
E. Suer

Thanks for your excellent work. Currently I am in Vegas at a trade show where the Super Bounce-A-Roo is well received with many great comments on the graphics.
J. Beers

Very well done. You are now officially my favorite graphic artist. Great job.
J. Konecny

The merchandise arrived in perfect order, I will mail out the check Fri. morning. Again thank you for your help in this matter, you and your service shall come highly recomended.
J. McGahuey

J. Price

Hi Jeff:
How's life treating you? Hope things are going great and you're continuing to rack in the dough. I can't tell you how many good comments I've received from people that have visited my web site.
Everyone simply loves the cartoon! Thanks again for giving my company a good first impression.
M. Freeman

I can't wait to say I knew you "when". You are going to be a huge success when you go into this full time. I'm so thankful we got in the door before you become super famous!! Hope I can start working on the site again soon. Now that I have a logo to work with, I'm inspired. Thanks so much -
M. Millbranth

Thanks again, and I will be in touch in the future on another design for my second book. I already have ideas.
M. Wano

Jeff . .
LOL - you've done a purr-fect job!!!
Thank you!
P. Dempsey

That is amazing!!  That is exactly what I want.
I showed the orginal drawings to the Director of Finance and some of the players today and they were all amazed. Jeff you r worth ur weight in gold mate. You are truly brilliant. If this cartoon does not pull in the crowds then nothing will. Thank you so much for your help in getting my poster ready to be distributed. I will be spending the most of the night printing and working out which places to visit this weekend to distribute the poster.
Take care,
P. Kumar

Many thanks. I hope to work with you again sometime.
R. van der Heiden

Yes. I like it. Your cartoons are so good! And thanks for adding the bear and the bird-- after all, they've gone the whole distance with us! Thank you.
R. Walker

We love the phone guy. It looks fantastic with the color. We are very anxious to see him on our shirts. Excellent job! We don't think there needs to be any changes, unless you think so.
Well, have a great day... we really love our jail phone guy.
S. Hangsleben

Great! You have really helped to create a nice look for my store - thank you! I can't wait to see it on my gift bags - the colors will be great! Your work is wonderful!
S. McClure

Thanks for your patience through that iterative process!
I'm pleased with the final result and sign off on it.
T. Whistman

Thanks for the good work and I will contact you again if I need anything like this done again.
T. Yoder

Dear Mr. Bucchino,
Love the CD of your goodies! Best money I spent all year.
What I would like to see in your collection is a female paramedic/EMT.
Have a mind engaging day.
V. DeFrance

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